Oyado Kotobuki

Yumura Onsenkyo Oyado Kotobuki
Newly renovated in May 2022 as an inn that will have you feeling like you were born again.

At Oyado Kotobuki, the theme of the cuisine served is "health", a collaboration between food and medicine, we offer dishes pleasing to the mind and body. Each colorful dish expresses sincerity while appreciating the blessings and health that comes from the sea and earth.
A stay with us will bring you peace of mind, spirit, and body through seasonal irori kaiseki cuisine made with locally produced fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables, and a sleep improvement service that incorporates good sleep therapy.
We are also particular about our amenities, we welcome you to try our MIRABLE shower head and DAISON hair dryer, some of Japan's latest technology. These are some ways to help you spend some time relaxing your mind and body

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Yumura Onsenkyo Oyado Kotobuki
Yu 1561-1, Shinonsen-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo Prefecture
Reservations only telephone number
Occupancy / No. of guest rooms
49 people / 16 guest rooms